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The Safe in Faith Counselling Network

The Safe in Faith Counselling Network is an online community of counsellors, psychotherapists, pastoral workers, therapeutic practitioners, trainees and other helping professionals with an interest in working at the intersection of faith and domestic and sexual abuse.

We provide free or low cost CPD training as well as  opportunities to share information and articles, collaborate on research, and signposting to other training events. 

Network members will have the opportunity to apply to the Safe in Faith counselling directory to be launched November 2023.

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1. Respect for the Catholic Social Teaching (CST) principles on which Caritas Westminster is based –, and the additional principles of Safe in Faith (Safety Focused, Survivor Focused, Trauma Informed, Gender Informed, Intersectional and Inclusive) – 2. The main channels should only be used for networking and sharing information relevant to the work of Safe in Faith. 3. Only use the prescribed channel for promoting your own services and courses. Safe in Faith does not endorse anything promoted in the “promotions” channel. Any inappropriate postings will be removed by admin. 4. The Safe in Faith Network is a safe space for practitioners, some of whom may be experts by experience. Communication with other network members must be respectful and trauma informed. Any potentially offensive or harmful communication, or any behaviour which may compromise the safety of this community will result in the poster being removed from the network 5. Please contact admin if you notice any activity in the network which may compromise the safety or integrity of this space ( or
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